The suite a3ERP is the solution for corporate management, customizable, powerful and intuitive, allowing you to monitor and analyze the information from different administrative and production circuits of the company in a unique working environment.

As manufacturer, our products are designed to meet the needs of small and medium enterprises, which can grow with your business do it, evolving functionalities and jobs:


  • a3ERP_Base

    For self-employed and micro-companies

    The ideal management tool for autonomous businesses, professionals or micro that only require a unique license seat.

    The a3ERP based solution solves a quick, simple and secure billing, warehouse management and accounting of the company.


    • Functional
    • Integral (Accounting + Billing)
    • Easy to deploy
    • Compatible with other applications
    • Flexible
    • User friendly
    • a3ERP Base Billing
    • a3ERP Base POS + Billing
  • a3ERP_Profesional

    For small companies

    Finance, Purchasing, Sales, Logistics and CRM: Ideal for businesses up to 4 licensed seats, to control and improve all business processes from a global perspective of all departments ERP.


    • Easy to deploy
    • Intuitive use
    • Flexible
    • Multi-company, multi-user and multi-language
    • Custom designed screens
    • Design reports and documents
    • Management of alarms and warnings
    • Links to other solutions
  • a3ERP_Plus

    For SME

    a3ERP plus is the ideal solution for small businesses that require a complete business management software, unlimited users, powerful, fast to deploy and with extensive functionality.

    a3ERP plus controls the management of all areas of business: Management, CRM, Purchasing, Logistics, Production and Finance, to optimize resources, streamline processes and help in making your business decisions.

    Incorporates Business Intelligence module with multidimensional cubes (a3ERP BI) analyzing critical business information in real time from various vectors to help in decision-making.


    • Easy to deploy
    • Comprehensive management of the enterprise information
    • Fits any type of business
    • Intuitive use
    • Grows with your business
    • Safe and reliable
    • Reduces training costs


    • Multi-company, multi-user, multi-currency and multi-language
    • Custom designed screens
    • Design reports and documents
    • Managing alarms and warnings
    • Multidimensional cubes (a3ERP bi)
    • Electronic Invoice
    • Links to other solutions...
  • a3ERP_Premium

    For large companies

    a3ERP premium is ideal for medium and large companies covering all circuits of front office and back office ERP, for comprehensive management of the company.

    a3ERP premium covers the following areas:

    • Purchasing Management
    • CRM
    • Sales Management
    • Accounting
    • Finance
    • Manufacturing
    • Fixed Assets
    • Liabilities Management
    • Stock and Warehouse Management
    • Business Inteligence
    • Dynamic Link to Excel